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There’s nothing like the texture, touch and feel of an authentic flat cap.

The most popular fabric used in the construction of a flat cap is tweed, as it is viewed as an informal material. Wool is also often used, particularly in the colder months. Flat caps used for golf or seasonal leisure time are often made of a more breathable material, such as cotton. Such caps also come in leather and suede, though it is less common, both historically and traditionally. Flat caps may or may not be lined; if they are, it is often with a silk-like material.

You may ask how Flatcaps can be hot and cool at the same time.

We all know that flatcaps are the hottest thing to come to fashion in a long while because they make virtually anyone look cool.

There is a practical side to flatcaps though.

SUN PROTECTION-  Wearing flatcaps can protect your head and face for most of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. As the harmful effects of over-exposure to the sun effect those who want to maintain their active lifetsyle like golf and fishing, the jury is in on the positive, practical benefits of wearing flatcaps whenever outdoors.

FOLLICALLY-IMPAIRED- Flatcaps are a cool way to cover that growing “reverse Mohawk” hair style that tends to happen to many men as they mature. Whether your hair is thinning or just plain gone, flatcaps minimize the need for additional suncreen lotion and skin health concerns on an area that is closest to the sun.

WARM THOUGHTS- Depending on the materials of your chosen flatcap, you can capture most of the 30-35% of your body heat that you lose through the top of your head just by wearing flatcaps.

Get your hands on flat cap today and feel the sensation!