The Legend of FlatCap Jack

  • SumoMe

The Legend of FlatCap Jack begins in 1897 when noted musician FlatCap Jack traveled hopping trains throughout Australia spreading his Irish wit and toe-tapping tunes from one saloon to the next for 17 years.

When FlatCap Jack would enter a town, he would jump from the slowing train, brush the road dust off his signature flatcap and head to town. When he would walk down Main Street, people would spot his flat cap and would follow him like the Irish Pied Piper to the nearest saloon and the celebration began the moment he walked in.

FlatCap Jack was said to have never had to pay for a room or a meal. The unique thing was that FlatCap Jack never drank a drop but everywhere he went left behind a wake of smiles, memories and the scent of old whiskey and ale. When someone asked him why he didn’t drink, he would say “It’s so I can leave more for you!” and start his next day-long sing-along.

On any cool outback night, many say that they can hear FlatCap Jack singing his ever popular “The World is Flat” song. After becoming a national hero himself, he simply disappeared. Some said to the States. Some said he went back home to Roscommon, Ireland. But to this day, in pubs ’round the world you can still hear them shout out with glasses in the air, “Here’s to FlatCap Jack, where-ever you are!”.