Celtic Connection

  • SumoMe


We all know that Flat caps have been proudly worn for centuries in celtic countries and have spread all over the world and now are worn regularly from the richest celebrities to fashion-conscious struggling college students.

There’s no denying though that their celtic connection is alive and well. The foundation of success of flat caps comes from deep in the traditions and culture of the “workingman” image and practical style and durability.

Flat caps of course are an everyday fashion staple on the streets in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales but they have grown to capture the hearts and minds of just like the celtic traditions themselves. Just witness the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration March 17th in U.S. cities like Boston, Chicago or New York and you can still see the celtic culture come to life just as if FlatCap Jack were still right here with us.

If you are “Irish at heart”, then the flat cap is perfect place to start anytime of year. Just like you, flat caps are practical yet enjoy a good time. You can wear your flat cap out on the town with your friends at your local favorite Irish, throwing darts or just telling larger than life stories.

Flat caps are an easy way to let others know that you are connected with others all over the world that tap into the celtic culture and their passion for living life to its fullest.

Irish Boy Scouts at US National Jamboree 2010