What Color Flat Cap Should I Get?

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Now that we understand the Flat Cap are a fashion accessory that is integral to any complete wardrobe, you need to understand what color flat caps match and compliment which type complexion, hair color, clothing and other accessories.

1. The Brown Flat Cap

Complexion: The Brown Flat Cap is acceptable with virtually all complexions. The Brown Flat Cap look better with reddish and dark complexions; and with auburn, sandy and red hair.

Hair Color: Brown Flat Cap look good with any color hair.

Clothing: Brown Flat Cap are best worn with brown or green suits and coats. Dark Brown Flat Caps look sharp with dark gray and dark blue suits. Medium and lighter tones, brown-blue, and brown-gray combinations are usually not advisable.

Clothing Accessories: When contrasting the Brown Flat Cap, you could use clothing accessories such as yellows, blues, dark greens, and wine colors; they add richness to a brown Flat Cap. Light and dark brown accessories go well with dark brown Flat Cap.

2. The Green Flat Cap

Complexion: Dark green hats also look better with darker color complexions.

Hair Color: Green Flat Caps can compliment any color hair but especially with gray-haired, blonde, and brown haired men. Green Flat Caps can compliment red hair.

Clothing: Green Flat Caps are most attractive with brown, or tan suits and coats. Green Flat Caps top off light gray, and medium gray suits and coats very nicely too. They also look sharp with dark gray and black.

Clothing Accessories: It is recommended to repeat green tones in clothing accessories with green Flat Cap. Brown, or brownish yellow colored ties and shirts are also good. With a dark green hat, daring contrasts can be made with tasteful touches of mulberry, or pale yellow.

3. The Blue Flat Cap

Complexion: Blue Flat Cap look best with blue eyes and lighter complexions.

Hair Color: Blue Flat Cap are complimentary with virtually any color hair.
Clothing: Blue Flat Caps are best when paired with blue or gray clothing. Blue Flat Caps must not “clash” with blue suits. Match tones closely or contrast dark blue hats with lighter blue suit, or vice-versa. Blue hats also work nicely with neutral brown, and tan suits.

Clothing Accessories: Blue shirts, ties, or scarves go very well with a blue. Flat Cap. Although Gray or neutral brown clothing accessories also are complimentary with blue flat caps.

4. The Gray Flat Cap

Complexion: The Gray Flat Caps are best with light complexion and work complimentary with virtually any man. Gray Flat Caps also neutralizes brown eyes. Pale complexioned people can sometimes be washed out.
Hair Color: The Gray Flat Cap compliments brown hair, blonde, brunette, or iron gray hair.

Clothing: Light gray flat caps are best with blue, dark gray, or black suits and coats. Dark gray flap caps are best with gray or green clothing fabrics. All gray flat caps work nicely with suits. Gray flat caps, of any shade, are don’t seem to work with brown clothing.

Clothing Accessories: A great range of colors are allowed when choosing clothing accessories for a gray flat cap, because gray is neutral. Vivid or deep contrasting colors are particularly good as they spice up the particular outfit. Black and white Clothing accessories naturally flow well with gray flat caps.

Choosing the right color combination is very personal and a reflection of your personal style and culture. These are meant as overall tips and observations to help you to find the best complimentary wardrobe quicker and easier.

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Special thanks to Millers Hats for the inspiration for this advice.