Where Do I Start?

  • SumoMe

Start by thinking about what types of shoes that you have. You have a type of shoe for different occasions. Now turn your old way of thinking on its head and start at the top. Flat Caps should be treated like an fashion accessory from a neck tie to a designer handbag.

My recommendation is to start by making flat caps the hat of choice. Leave your baseball caps with funny sayings on them with your other novelty hats in the closet. Start with a timeless style that you can wear in any setting like Brad Pitt’s favorite herringbone tweed newsboy style cap. They are classic and as versatile as any cap made.

Then you can build on that with an virtually endless palette of colors and styles that can top off any wardrobe. You may want to start with flat cap like a Summer Cotton Plaid Ivy Cabby Flat Cap that makes a more fun fashion statement for when you go out on a night on the town with your friends or maybe a dark colored smooth Kangol wool cap to compliment your business attire.

Flat Caps are no longer just a workingman’s cap.

The key is to start….now at FlatcapJack.com store

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  • Ski4257  says:

    You said Ben Foster is wearing a “old school flat cap in the movie “The MEchanic”. Could you be a little more detailed on the type make of the cap please. I’ve been searing through hundreds of websites, yet having no luck in finding the exact cap.

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