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You’ve seen Flat Caps on Blockbuster Movies, Hit Television Shows and on the streets. Now you are seeing flat caps on International Models on Runways across the world and also being added to Top Designer Brands by incorporating flat caps as a fashion accessory to their complete lines.

Flat cap designs are curved with a narrow, rigid bill that angles straight or downward. Traditionally a casual men’s cap, with a history dating back to the 14th century. Nowadays, flat caps are worn by both sexes as fashion statements. Men have always known this rugged cap as a simple, clean looking cap that can easily fit into any social situation. You can look cool while throwing darts, playing golf or listening to your favorite band at a local clubs. Oh yeah, and ladies love them too. Women are finding out quickly that Flat Caps are the perfect fashion accessory being as versatile as shoes and yet trendy as a handbag but at a fraction of the cost. There’s one for every occasion from a night on the town with the girls to an easy solution to a bad hair day.

The most popular fabric used in the construction of a flat cap is tweed, as it is viewed as an informal material. Wool is also often used, particularly in the colder months. Flat caps used for golf or seasonal leisure time are often made of a more breathable material, such as cotton. Such caps also come in leather and suede, though it is less common, both historically and traditionally. Flat caps may or may not be lined; if they are, it is often with a silk-like material.

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Other Flat Cap Brand Names include:

Animal, Addict, Brixton, Barbour, Coal, Plain Lazy, Quicksilver. Rip Curl, Donegal, Globe, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Next,  Christys of London, Orvis, Earl Jean, Gilbert, Billabong, Scala, John Lewis, Fred Perry, Paul Smith, New Era, Real, Samuel Windsor, Dakine, French Collection, Goorin Brothers, Kangol, O’Neill, Oakley, Vestal, Volcom, Gatsby, New York Hat Co., Napa, Jaxon, Kingsford, Lars, Glenns Fall, Hatteras, Panama, Ralph Loren and growing everyday.

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