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Nothing shows your fun-loving fashionable side like flat caps. Flat caps give you the opportunity to give your wardrobe a little kick-start in a cool new-old way.

This flat cap attitude permeates from the rich history of the classic Celtic pub frequenter to the English workingman to the toughest Chicago gangster. The flat cap even crossing into the graphic novel world as a staple for The Goon and Andy Capp alike. This common-man, “rebel with a clue” persona is making this a staple accessory in the leading fashion-forward leader’s closet.

When you look around now you will see the flat caps everywhere on people like you making their own style. Flat cap enthusiasts include iconic rock and rollers like AC/DC to the hottest movie celebrities like Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake and Lindsey Johan.

Flat caps are fun, fresh, clean, bold, and versatile.

FUN-In my experience, everyone that I have met that is wearing a flat cap is a blast to be around. They love a good time and have the confidence to make that good time happen.

FRESH-Yes, flat caps are a classic look in some circles but they are fresh and not over-exposed like baseball caps have become.

CLEAN– Flat cap designs vary greatly but one common characteristic is their clean, sleek look that compliments any wardrobe

BOLD– You make a bold fashion statement without stepping over the edge.

VERSATILE– Flat caps like shoes can be worn with virtually outfit virtually anywhere. What else can you wear to a rock concert and a funeral.

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